Fixation of the Era of the Early Modern Period

According to a more general scheme the early modern period begins with the era of the discoveries of new countries and continents before 1500 and finds its end with the industrialization around 1800. However, it is difficult to precisely define such fixations of time, and in the maritime history further cornerstones have been laid: E.g. in the beginning of the early modern times the overseas traffic started and more multiple mast sailing vessels were in operation. At the ending of the early modern times steam engines and iron shipbuilding were introduced.

In those times Germany was no uniform entity, not to mention a state. It consisted of numerous small states with their own history, although there was a series of overlapping events, which connected them, e.g. the reformation or the fall of the Hanseatic League, which in former days had a big power, or also the Thirty Years' War.

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